Employment laws effect the entire (legal) relationship between employees and employers, from the hiring process into facets of daily business. At Marquis, we will help our clients to address employment issues before they become a problem. Our attorneys work closely with our clients to manage their employment challenges and to understand their business needs and goals to close deals efficiently.

Employment laws can be complex and it can be time-consuming to stay up to date. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience that extends to all areas of employment law and provide solutions quickly while keeping the costs at a minimum. We provide our clients a full-service approach. Our attorneys specialized in employment law work closely with our other practice groups.

We also provide training on all areas of employment law that covers the day to day employment business as well in-dept masterclass sessions.


  • M&A practice
  • Dismissal cases
  • Collective dismissals
  • Reorganizations
  • Co-determination
  • Collective Labour Agreements
  • Pensions law
  • Equal treatment
  • Payroll processing
  • Pensions